How to repair a GE microwave oven

How to repair a GE microwave oven

General Electric offers many different types of microwave ovens to fit almost any kitchen. Each offers different modes of operation, but most run into similar problems when it comes to troubleshooting. You should have your manual handy in case you have trouble solving a problem. You could really find the solution there.

Step 1

Check your home’s circuit breaker to make sure electricity is flowing into the room where you have the microwave. Replace the fuse or flip the breaker if necessary.

Step 2

Unplug the microwave and plug it back into the power source. Try using a different power source if your microwave doesn’t turn on. There may be a problem with your outlet. Plug the power cord into the outlet as far as it will go, leaving no metal prongs.

Step 3

Check the door of your microwave and make sure you’ve closed it completely. Sometimes the door may seem closed when you really need to push it up a little further to close it completely.

Step 4

Press “Clear” or “Off” on your microwave to make sure that any programmed cooking procedures that were previously entered are gone, and try to program them again for cooking. GE microwave ovens only cook one set of instructions at a time.

If these steps do not help you, it is recommended that you call a professional to repair your GE microwave oven.

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